Tuesday, July 23, 2019

One Piece Chapter 945: O-Lin

This chapter starts off with Rasetsu Town in chaos. An all-out brawl! In the aftermath of Yasuie's execution, Toko has been saved by Zorojuro and Sangoro. The Straw Hats are in retreat mode, except for Zorojuro, who tried take Orochi's head. While Zoro is clashing with Kyoshiro, Sanji is Clashing with X-Drake from The Worst Generation. Toko is now in Usopp's care as they make their escape.
Orochi's Oniwabanshu has joined the frey and set their sites on Komurasaki Hyori. Hyori is worried about Toko but Brook reassures her that Toko is safe with his Nakama and tells her to escape as well.
In the midst of all the commotion, Law visits the prisons on display in the town only to be confronted by Hawkins. Hawkins states that he knew Law would show up. Law notices that Bepo is missing from the prisoners. Knowing that Law with his powers could easily break his crew out, says only a fool would place all the hostages in one place. Before a fight could ensue, Hawkins demonstrates by slicing his own arm, that he is linked with Law's nakama. After slicing his own arm, one of Law's nakama Shachi, screams out in pain as his arm is sliced as well. Hawkins then states that in order to beat him, Law would have to kill 3 of his own nakama.
( Law is really going through it smh ) 
Whilst fighting X-Drake, Sanji hears a female in distress. Before Sanji can come to her rescue, he is shocked to see that the damsel in distress, Hyori, is saved by none other than Zoro!

Meanwhile, in Kuri, just outside of Bakura town, Kin'emon is knocked down by Boy Ashura.
Inuarashi and Kin'emon are there trying to persuade Boy Ashura to join them in the rebellion against Kaido. Kin'emon gets on his knees, apologizes and begs Ashura, telling him about their plans to attack Onigashima on the night of the fire festival.
The scene ends with what seems to be Boy Ashura telling Kin'emon and Inuarashi to follow him, so he could show them something..

Next, we are in the Udon Prisoner mines. An amnesia filled Big Mom has showed up to everyones surprise! Big Mom or I should say O-Lin is hungry and looking for the sweats named O-shiruko, and tells Chopper and company to come her way, as she smells it. Kiku along with Chopper, Momonosuke and Tama catch up to O-Lin but Kiku tells Tama and Momonosuke to stay behind as they cannot be seen by anyone. At the same time, O-Lin is asking for oshiruko and the Boss of Udon Prison, Queen, tells her that he has a bunch of oshiruko and that she cant have any. As he says this, he transforms into a long neck dinosaur showing off his devil fruit (Brachiosaurus). Kiku and Chopper rush towards the area but stay hidden and witness O-Lin delivering a crazy One Punch to Queen, creating chaos in the Udon Prisoner Mine!
Chapter Ends.

This chapter was a good read. Starting off with Rasetsu town, seeing Zoro clash with Kyoshiro. Law's dilemma Hawkins. Then Sanji's face of disappointment as Zoro saved Hyori. It was a nice transition to Kin'emon and Boy Ashura leaving us with a cliffhanger as to what will be shown. The chapter is named O-Lin yet the majority of the chapter showed other characters. The way the chapter ended did it justice with Big Mom seemingly One-Shotting the Beast Pirates All-Star Queen.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Monkey D. Hiatus 2D3Y

Wow, almost 3 years later and here I am posting. Still a huge fan of the Manga, named One Piece. I love the anime still, but man-O-man, has it been a drag to watch!

 I know everyone has mixed feelings on the One Piece Anime, from- IT SUCKS!!! to- DO YOU WANT THEM TO CATCH UP TO THE MANGA!? Yeah, it has been tough for fans. I remember watching the Dressrosa Arc and being upset at the animation quality. Then making it to Zou, and sloooowly losing interest as the Straw Hat Crew made their way into Whole Cake Island. ( I should probably go re-watch that arc )
Whole Cake Island wasn't the best Arc but it wasn't too bad, speaking for the Manga. The entire time reading week after week with the occasional breaks Oda Sensei takes, I couldn't wait for WANO!!!

Wano Arc has been awesome so far and I can't wait to see how it ends. I hope the animation is up to par for this arc because the latest episodes of the Reverie ( Levely ) Arc has been somewhat frustrating. It is nice to see flashbacks from the war and the past adventures of the Strawhat Crew but I can definitely understand how some people might be upset. Flashback fillers aren't too fun...

 At least Anime Wano Arc will start in less than 2 weeks! I should really re-watch Whole Cake Arc smh. I can't wait to see all these new characters animated. More importantly we get to see MR. RORONOA ZORO himself! xD Really though, the animation better be on point. I would hate to have to give up watching One Piece Anime -_-  oH well... collecting the books is still exciting.

 I don't know the math on chapter-output-a-year, but I am amazed my last post was almost 3 years ago discussing One Piece chapter 845, and just last week chapter 945 came out! I don't know I feel about that..but...
 After 20 years, One Piece is still going strong! And after 10 years of being hooked, I am still hooked. I will do my best to keep posting! I hope we all can enjoy One Piece till the end!!!!!


Thursday, November 17, 2016

One Piece Manga 846 - Egg Defense

Nice cover art showing Chopper and Luffy with some cute little rabbits to start this chapter. Back to the battle against the enraged army and it shows Nami has joined the fight helping out her captain! It doesn't look as if she was much help but at least she didn't run away. Next we see a Meitou ( famous sword ) named Shirauo/White Fish being used, by swordswoman named Lady Amande, to cut down King Baum for betraying their crew. Luffy being outnumbered on top of fighting other devil fruit users...is sadly no match. Charlotte Opera uses his sweet cream to make Luffy hallucenate and unable to properly fight back or defend himself. While Nami tries to tell Luffy to dodge, he gets taken out by two large haki powered punches by Opera from both sides. Even more bloodied up Luffy collapses. Nami gets her vivre card snatched from her boobs and the army is surprised to see Lola's name written on it. I was surprised to see Luffy cling to the ground saying he aint moving from that spot showing his awesome spirit before being captured. I thought forsure he was knocked out.

Mean while back at Big Mom's castle she is seen making a deal with Sanji to let his crew leave the island alive as long as he cooperates. Sanji must be really desperate if he actually believes her. I like how the skull on her pirate hat shares the facial expressions she makes...she's still vile in my opinion.

Now we have Dr. Egg Man aka Baron Tamago, explaining to us that there are 30 Poneglyphs in total including 9 rio poneglyphs and 4 road poneglyphs. Big Mom pirates currently own 2 Poneglyphs and one Road Poneglyph. It is also confirmed that Jinbe was carrying a Poneglyph with him in a chapter coverpage a while back.
 We also get introduced to another one of the Three Sweet Commanders, 14th daughter of Big Mom, Charlotte Smoothie who is seen wringing the life out of someone. She has a huge bounty of 932 million beli!! Charlotte Smoothie having free time on her hands decides to help Tamago protect Big Mom's precious treasures.

Lastly we have Brook and Pedro the Poneglyph theif in hiding preparing to attack and put their plan to action. Brook uses his powers to move around as a soul to see what's going on in the hall of offerings. Pedro and Brook dont have many options but to go head first into battle. They both agree to have Pedro be the bait for Baron Tamago so Brook will have a chance to survive as the chapter comes to an end.
Overall a good chapter..cant wait see what happens next.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New One Piece Game 2017??

I love playing One Piece video games but it seems as if they don't make enough quality games or games that are on par with the likes of say, Dragon Ball Z. A while back I had the game One Piece: Grand Battle 3 for the GameCube and that was a fun game. It wasn't my style of gameplay at first but it grew on me and I ended up enjoying it very much. 

This was around 2005 I think, and at the time I was living in Japan. I had a modded GameCube but mostly japanese games. I couldn't read the kanji or even understand what was going on for the most part but I loved and still played the game. Next thing I got was a Wii, and of course I had to get One Piece games. Luckily One Piece: Unlimited Adventure was out at that time. Adventure Rpg with some button mashing and combos, finding and collecting items, this was the ultimate One Piece game for me at the time. I've owned Unlimited Adventure, Cruise part 1 and 2, World Red. Although I enjoyed One Piece Unlimited World Red, I felt it could have been much better and it lacked many elements from the previous games. I won't get into that now though. I haven't played the Pirate Warriors series except 3. Different play style from the Nintendo based One Piece games but I definately fell in Love with the game.

The latest One Piece game to come out this year was, One Piece: Burning Blood. Before that came out I thought the game would suck. Little did I know I would find myself wanting to play it. I was impressed with the graphics and how it actually looked like a decent fighting game. I have no idea when I will be able to play that game but I am still hoping for a new One Piece game to come out in 2017. I doubt they will make another fighting based game. I want to see another Unlimited type game actually done right. I don't mind if it's like dbz where we have a story playing through the arcs, even though One Piece has a lot of arcs. We probably won't get a game where they'll have a huge roster and many costumes with an awesome story and gameplay though.
Lets be hopeful though!

Is Purin/Pudding Evil???

Is Charolette Pudding evil or nah??? I happen to think so. I just can't find myself to trust her given she's apart of Big Mom's crew. That doesn't necessarily mean she is evil or one of the bad guys. I mean she was born into the crew. She has been shown to help the Straw Hat crew when they arrived in Totland. Why would Purin save Luffy and Chopper from being arrested? She asked for their names even though she should recognise them. Could this be Big Mom controlling her or is she playing along. Brook points out sweet she is, as most people after reading that chapter thinks she is. Every scene she comes off as sweet and innocent. Maybe that's how she really is. She kind of reminds me of Sanji how she explained in detail she made some chocolate with her recipe in chapter 827, seems like she loves cooking. After meeting the Mugiwaras in the chocolate town Im guessing Pudding notified Big Mom of their arrival if Big Mom didn't already know. Or it could be homies and thats how she keeps tabs and gains intel on people.
Purin saves and helps the SHs only to put them in danger. Either way their presence was known to Big Mom. During a scene with trying on a dress it seems like shes trying to get away to meet up with the SHs. If she was so nice enough to show Luffy and gang a way to Whole Cake Island, why not warn them about the seducing woods? She could have drawn them a map just to save herself from Pedro killing her. Some things just don't make sense with her. She probably knows she's under constant surveillance and has her reasons for witholding certain info. Purin doesn't want to end up like Pound lol. Also I cant wait to find out if she is the girl with the third eye or is it her twin sister? Oda needs to hurry up and confirm if shes really good or not.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

One Piece Manga Chapter 845

                                                 Chapter 845: The Enraged Army
This chapter was a 6/10 for me instead of a 4/10. No one knows whose side Puddin is on and I think she is playing Sanji! I mean maybe she's being forced to do the things she is doing for instance, letting the straw hats get into whole cake island easily, leading them to the forest, and now this chapter she's hyping up her emotions towards Sanji. There are some theories that Big Mom might become an ally and isnt really evil at all. The fact that she could have easily killed the Strawhats in the seducing woods and didn't. This whole arc is just shrouded in mystery. Maybe Puddin shares a similar fate to Sanji in how his family treats him. In this chapter it shows one of Big Moms young children wanting to mutilate their stuffed animal but the chef wont let her borrow the knives. Big Mom doesnt seem to care about the behavoir of her children by telling two other kids to get the knives, then the children go on saying they are going to kill the little girl some day and Big Mom is laughing it off saying "everyone  has at least 100 or 200 people they want to kill". Puddin has to deal with crazy ass siblings if she isnt like them herself. Who knows?
It is pretty strange how she says to Sanji that he has never uttered a word about their marriage yet shes tells his crew a different story. When Luffy and gang met Puddin she tells them that Sanji said he wants to get married but he cant. Like I said, she could be forced to lie and act like she is helping. Seems like the next plan of action is to get the keys to Sanji's handcuff which Big Mom has. Maybe Chopper and Carrot can help in that department.

In this chapter was also the day the Germa 66 meets Big Mom and has a tea party before the wedding. Interesting during this scene Judge says  " I guarentee it shall be a day that none of us forgets!" Now that is just suspicious to me. Will he plan to takeover Whole Cake Island? ( after rereading the chapter, I noticed it was Big Mom that said this) Hopefully we will see soon enough. What I liked the most about this chapter was Luffy and his determination to not move from his spot even with an enraged army coming at him. Also im wondering if his tooth will stay missing, that would be epic. The chapter started off with him and Nami, with Nami begging Luffy to at least hide from the army. Later throughout the chapter it shows Luffy battling it out with the army using a haki powered gattling gun. Some people speculate Luffy will get a power up, use conquers haki, or just get captured. Im hoping Luffy will somehow beat them. I know he went up against Commander Cracker for about half a day, used gear 4, then took a beating from Sanji, but im hoping he can get through it by himself or with the help of nami. She can most likely fight from a distance undetected. The vivre card she has might not work on them but im not sure shes willing to risk her position.

 I honestly cant wait for the counter attack from Luffy and gang so we'll just have to wait hopefully a few more chapters. Maybe by christmas this arc will come close to an end.
6/10 for this chapter thanks to Luffy being a bad ass! Also the scene with Judge at the tea party was pretty suspicous of what was said.

Monday, November 7, 2016

One Piece Chapter 844

One of the best chapters hands down.. I can't wait to see this scene animated. Luffy's willpower has no limits!!! Had to reread some chapters since the manga is on break this week :/
Not much to say about this chapter except EPIC! I gave it a 10/10. I wanted to see an actual fight but this was  beyond good enough. I'm sure Luffy would have gave Sanji a hard time even though he had just beat Commander Cracker.